The Esri Eastern Africa Education GIS Conference

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The Esri Eastern Africa Education GIS Conference


The Esri Eastern Africa Education GIS Conference is the leading regional event for those involved in GIS education. Now in its 4th year, the conference continues to draw students, faculty and educators, university administrators, developers, researchers and other GIS users irrespective of the level of their GIS experience.

This year’s theme is “Creating a world of opportunities.” The world continues to be challenged by the same quintessential problems such as poverty, disease drought, flooding etc., new challenges like global terrorism, and even the exacerbation of the old perennial problems by the emergent challenge of climate change. GIS helps tackle these challenges turning them into opportunities not only for academic research but for engagement in creating vibrant and resilient communities. This conference showcases the work of those in education who imagine and build solutions that apply GIS for a better world.

The Website, and registration portal has been set up by Esri Eastern Africa and registration are being received from across the region. Kindly let's have the link and conference banner available on our respective Websites for easy access to potential attendees.