GDTC at a glance

Bahir Dar University is one of the largest Universities in Ethiopia envisioning to become among the top ten premier research universities in Africa by 2025. To this end, the University established a number of research centers to reach its vision and bring changes to the research arena. Geospatial Data and Technology Center (GDTC) is one of the centers established in 2013.

GDTC is of the very first kind research center established in Ethiopia envisioning to become premier in GIS and Remote Sensing application in Ethiopia and playing role that BDU achieve its vision. As a young research center it has been in its establishment period. So far GDTC sponsored 16 researches (four in 2006 E.C and 12 in 2007 E.C).

Geo-Tech and Database Department

Geo-Tech and database department have different GIS and Remote sensing data’s collected from different sources, the data is ready for those who need. Researchers, students and instructors need geospatial data for different purpose. Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of the center. Therefore, quality data accessible to customers is the measure to know the progress. The main activities of the Geo-Tec and Database Department are the following:

  • Ready the laboratory for trainee and researchers
  • Control the data portal and web server
  • Avail geospatial data for customers
  • Conducting research using GIS with Technology


Office: Wisdom Tower first flour G-1 03

GDTC Policy

Geospatial Data and Technology Center (GDTC) has developed research Policy for the management of research undertakings to:

  1. Promote, preserve, encourage and aid scientific investigation;
  2. Control research conducting activities at BDU catchment;
  3. Enhance advancement, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge and technology through teaching, research, and scholarship.

All researchers those develop winning geospatial technology based research project proposals can be submitted to the center and will secure fund on competitive basis. The research in all its cycles coordinated by ad-hoc research management committee selected by the director from formal center members.

ESRI Educational Site License

The GDTC has received an ESRI Educational Site License providing unlimited access to ArcGIS software across the campus. The Site License is offered under ESRI 100 African Universities Program, and Bahir Dar University has become the first beneficiary of this Program in Ethiopia. Under the program staff members, researchers and students of BDU will have a full access to ESRI's ArcGIS software.

ArcGIS is a tool used to compile and analyze geographic data, create and share map of various applications openly on the Web and managing geographic information in a database.

First download the software and follow the video instruction to install and activate the software on to your machine.