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Call for Abstract

The Geospatial Data and Technology Centre (GDTC) of Bahir Dar University will held its 4th National GIS Summit from 13-15 January, 2017. The Summit is a perfect venue to discuss about the latest developments in the Geospatial Technology as well as the challenges and opportunities of this technology in Ethiopia. Thus, GDTC invites researchers and stakeholders to submit a poster or an abstract (research outputs, review and methodological works) focusing on the following thematic areas.

Thematic Areas

  1. Advanced GIS and Remote sensing based scientific studies
  2. Surveying, land registration, Cadaster system and mapping technologies in Ethiopia
  3. Geospatial Data: accessibility, quality control and quality assurance mechanisms in Ethiopia
  4. Opportunities and challenges for Geospatial data sharing among sectors in Ethiopia
  5. Drone technology in Ethiopia
  6. Challenges and opportunities in using GIS and Remote sensing in Ethiopia

NB. GDTC encourages contributors to send unpublished articles. Interested contributors should express their willingness to publish the article in the GDTC proceeding or Chapter in a book.

Deadline for abstract submission: 28 October 2016.

Notification of selected abstracts: 11 November 2016.

Deadline for full paper and poster submission: 16 December 2016.

Submit your abstract/poster to dan952003@yahoo.com; gdtc@bdu.edu.et or asnie12@yahoo.com

workshop schedule: 13 & 14 January 2017

                             15 January 2017, visit to Tis Isat fall/Lake Tana monasteries

For further information you can contact Dr. Daniel Ayalew or Dr. Asnake Mekuriaw +251912007330/+251911485210

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GDTC at a glance

Bahir Dar University is one of the largest Universities in Ethiopia envisioning to become among the top ten premier research universities in Africa by 2025. To this end, the University established a number of research centers to reach its vision and bring changes to the research arena. Geospatial Data and Technology Center (GDTC) is one of the centers established in 2013.

GDTC is of the very first kind research center established in Ethiopia envisioning to become premier in GIS and Remote Sensing application in Ethiopia and playing role that BDU achieve its vision. As a young research center it has been in its establishment period. So far GDTC sponsored 16 researches (four in 2006 E.C and 12 in 2007 E.C).

Members of the center are from the different disciplines of the University. From College of Social Sciences, Institute of Land Administration, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and School of Civil and Water Engineering. As far a person is interested and have professional background in geospatial technologies, he/she could join the center irrespective of the institution in the University.

GDTC could deliver the following services and activities GDTC is aiming at:

·   Geospatial data collection, maintenance and updating;

·   Geospatial data provision to academic, research and public institutions;

·   Conduct demand driven and problem solving researches,

·   Capacity building (tailored, basic and advanced trainings) to stakeholders.

·   Provide appropriate consultancy services;

·   Deliver research based community services that could contribute to the development of the country;

·   Contribute to the quality of  National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI);

·   Organize and conduct Seminars, National and International workshops and Symposia;

·   Establish relationships with different Universities, Research Institutions and Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations who have geospatial data and technology affiliates;

·   Build Center of excellence in geospatial data and technology;

·   Contribute to the publication of academic journals and newsletters;

·   Contribute to income generation and solicit funds to the university through designing projects and establishing partnerships.

The Esri Eastern Africa Education GIS Conference


The Esri Eastern Africa Education GIS Conference is the leading regional event for those involved in GIS education. Now in its 4th year, the conference continues to draw students, faculty and educators, university administrators, developers, researchers and other GIS users irrespective of the level of their GIS experience.

Geo-Tech and Database Department

Geo-Tech and database department have different GIS and Remote sensing data’s collected from different sources, the data is ready for those who need. Researchers, students and instructors need geospatial data for different purpose. Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of the center. Therefore, quality data accessible to customers is the measure to know the progress. The main activities of the Geo-Tec and Database Department are the following:

  • Ready the laboratory for trainee and researchers
  • Control the data portal and web server
  • Avail geospatial data for customers
  • Conducting research using GIS with Technology


Office: Wisdom Tower first flour G-1 03


GDTC celebrates GIS Day every year of November (this year on November 2016) and this provides platform to promote GIS awareness, education, and training for the university community and stakeholders.